Ultra Low Power Consumption Battery camera_SL306A

The system uses low power consumption processors and self-design core algorithms. It is capable of working continuously at ultra-low power
consumption, including <0.3W for Continuous Video Recording Mode (without entering sleep mode) and <0.2W for AI Motion Detection Mode. The system applies perfectly to scenarios which need continuous monitoring, but lack power supply.

1.Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Continuous Videoing 24/7/365:

Current: Continuous Video Rccording Mode at 3.7V and 1280P: <70mA

AI Motion Detection Mode or Continuous Picture Recording Mode: <30mA

Power: Stand-By Mode: <0.03W

Infrared light turns on only in exposure time of every frame, which adds only 20mA in AI Motion Detection Mode or Shots Taking Mode.

A fully charged 15Ah battery, for example, can supply the system for >10 days in Continuous Video Recording Mode (Auto Mode), or >16 days in AI Motion Detection Mode or Continuous Picture Recording Mode (both in cloudy days without sunlight and without entering sleep mode).

with just a 5W solar panel, the system is capable of achieving continuous videoing 24/7/365.

Ultra-High Compression Ratio Algorithm, Smoother High Definition Video, Longer Recording Time:

The system uses CLICK H28 Compression Algorithm, with a 40% higher compression ratio than H.265 on average. It is capable of uploading high-definition videos at resolution of 4 megapixel with 4G network. With a 32GB SD card, the system is capable of storing video of 6 days (24 hours continuously) without overwrite in Auto HD Mode.

2.The system can quickly locate and mark moving frames and then skip stationary frames in replay:

 which highly improves replay efficiency as well as reduce network traffic and power consumption.

Optimized file storage algorithm:

which massively reduce erase times of the SD card: <1500 times per year in 24-hour continuous video recording mode, thus the SD card can last over 7 years. 

3.AI Motion Detection Mode can filter changes in surroundings and reduce false positive rate.

4.High Reliability, No Maintaining Needed.

5.The system has dual operational monitoring circuit which constantly checks operation status. 

Once the system crashes, it will restart automatically without manual operation. With adaptive battery charger and battery protection circuit built-in, the system is sure to function properly in any kind of wilds.

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