Intelligent monitoring yard lamp_SL401A

The system uses low-power processors and image sensors to integrate motion detection, brightness measurement, intelligent light control, and video monitoring, and adopts independent core algorithm, which has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, stability and reliability

1. Fully intelligent APP light control:
You can use the mobile phone APP to switch on and off the lights wirelessly;

The brightness of the lamp can be set (according to the duty ratio), and the brightness of the lamp can be automatically adjusted according to the battery power; The brightness of the induction light is controlled according to the curve, that is, from weak to bright to weak, so that the eyes can fully adapt.

You can set the time period for the low light to turn on (the duty cycle of the low light is less than 8%)

You can set the brightness threshold to trigger the light on (no photosensitive element is required, and the camera can accurately detect the ambient brightness); The lighting time after triggering (30-90 seconds or automatic) is set to be automatic. After triggering, if the object movement cannot be detected continuously, the light will be turned off automatically to save electric energy (no more than 120 seconds at most);

The sensitivity of trigger can also be set; Various parameters such as detection period;

These parameters are all controlled by the module processor. The module only needs one power input, and the control is output by the module.

2. Video AI detection replaces PIR infrared detection, greatly reducing the shortcomings of frequent false alarms and low sensitivity in summer; The power consumption is less than 40mW (<12mA, less than one tenth of the same kind), and the average power consumption of video recording is less than 0.28W (<70mA, only one fifth of the same kind); No additional solar panels are required.

3. Star-like night vision, no need to turn on the light, full color day and night

4. Using the CLICK H28 compression algorithm, the 8G SD card can save more than 20 days of continuous video without covering

5. Dual operation monitoring circuit is configured to detect the system operation status at all times without crashing.


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