Ultra Low Power Consumption 4G solar camera_SL304A

Features: Ultra Low Power Consumption, 3.7V Lithium Battery, Video Recording Mode Current <70mA; AI Motion Detection Mode <30mA (with Infrared Lights on <50mA);
3W Solar Panels Mounted on 3 Sides, Maximized Sunlight Acquirement, Integrated Design, Easy to Install.
No Sleep Mode And Trigger Needed, 24-Hours Continuous Video Recording or Motion Detection, Non-Stop Working Everyday of the Year.
Marked Moving Frames in Replay Mode, Quick Locating, Higher Efficiency, Low Consumption.
Optimized File Storage Algorithm massively reduce erase times of the SD card, which can last over 7 years.
CLICK Compression Ratio Algorithm has a 40% higher compression ratio than H.265. It is capable of uploading high-definition videos at resolution of 4 megapixel, with a longer recording time before overwrite.
AI Motion Detection reduces false positive rate.

Compression Ratio Algorithm: CLICK H28 Compression Ratio Algorithm has a 40% higher compression ratio than H.265, makes video smoother.

Real-Time Video: Automatically select resolution of 720P, 1280P or 1440P, according to network conditions.  

Continuous Video Recording: Optional record time & record mode: Continuous, Automatic & Picture Recording.

Continuous: Keep recording when there arre moving frames at 1280P. Enter low power consumption Detection Mode when there are only stationary frames.

Automatic: Select resolution automatically according to battery power. Enter Picture Recording Mode when low battery or infrared lights are on.

Picture Recording Mode: 1440P resolution (optional interval from 2 to 60 seconds).

With a 32GB SD card, the system is capable of storing video of over 6 days (24 hours continuously) without overwrite in Auto Recording Mode, or over 4 days in Continuous Recording Mode.

Motion Detection: Optional detection time. AI image analysis. Push alarm when something moving gets detected. The moving frames will be recorded as long as they occur, no matter if alarm is triggered. When alarm is triggered, the system will start video recording for 1 minute, then picture recording for 1 minute. If there is no more motion detected, the system will enter detection mode again. The longest distance the system can work is >16m during daytime and >10m at night. Image Sensor: Resolution: 2560x1440P; Sensitivity: High (4000mV/luxS, approximately starlight level) Lens’ Focal Length: 6mm 850 Infrared Lights: 4x 0.5W, with IR_CUT, only work when picture recording, detection or 4G real-time monitoring mode is on.

Angle: 60 degrees (effective range: 3~20m)  4G Communication Modules: Support FDD LTE, TDD LTE and TD-SCDMA. Optional frequency for different countries.  Battery Capacity: 6x 18650 3.7 Lithium Rechargeable Battery 

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